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Floral Jacket's new single is featured on Radiotrails playlist, "On Rotation" on spotify, along with artists such as; Hypoluxo, Beach Youth, Bass Drum of Death, Yeek, and more!

Earthly Pleasures is a blog that talks about female fronted bands and artists, like ourselves! Floral Jacket had the pleasure of receiving an in-detail review on our new single, 'Deal'. 

They touch base on genre, tone, recording quality, and more! Read it to get the details.

Listen to our brand new single called 'Deal'! Just released today, April 1st. And no, this isn't an April's Fools joke.

Deal is now available on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, & Amazon Music!

Add it to your playlists, share it with your friends, and most importantly, enjoy.

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